Davis Bottom History

The history of Davis Bottom offers extraordinary insights into the development of a strong, tight-knit, working-class neighborhood in Lexington, Kentucky. Established in 1867, Davis Bottom is one of about a dozen ethnic enclaves built near downtown Lexington after the Civil War. The first residents were mostly African American families who moved to urban centers in search of work, greater security and educational opportunities. Davis Bottom was also home to white European and Appalachian families who established strong family roots and life-long bonds with their neighbors. There are relatively few archival records about life in Davis Bottom. Therefore, every historical document, newspaper account, photo and description provides a rare glimpse into the valuable lives of the people who made Davis Bottom one the most diverse neighborhoods in Kentucky.

For More Info About Davis Bottom, Please Visit UK’s Davis Bottom History Preservation Project

Lexington CLT History

Lexington Community Land Trust was founded in 2008 as a partner in the Newtown Pike Extension Project to rebuild Davis Bottom, and preserve the affordability and investment in the area. Lexington CLT is the first Community Land Trust in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and partners with low to moderate income home buyers to achieve their dreams of homeownership. Our Quality-Built, Energy Efficient, and Permanently Affordable homeownership opportunities serve as the foundation for a vibrant Urban Village neighborhood, in the redeveloped Davis Park neighborhood.