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Rental Guide Questions and Answers

Q: Who can rent a Community Land Trust home in Davis Park View?
A:  Davis Park View consists of 14 rental homes on DeRoode St., facing the future South End Park. Any income-qualified household that successfully completes AU Management's rental application. Priority will be given to applicants who can prove that they lived in Davis Bottom previously or live in neighborhoods surrounding Davis Park (Irishtown, Speigle Heights, Pralltown, Western Suburb).

Rental applications can be accessed by calling AU Management at 859-268-0019 or TTY 711. AU Management takes calls M-F from 9 AM -5 PM for Davis Park View. AU Management accepts Housing Vouchers. Application fee is $35 per adult in household. The security deposit amount is a full month's rent. See below for income limits and rental pricing.

Q:  Do I have to be low-income to rent a home?
A:  To qualify to rent at Davis Park View, LCLT’s first Davis Park rental community, you must income-qualify.  Check the chart below to see if your household's gross income is at or below the income limits displayed in the following chart:

Fayette County, Kentucky 

 Household     Size 
Income Limits 
 1 person  $27,780
 2 persons  $31,740
 3 persons  $35,700
 4 persons  $39,660
 5 persons  $42,840
 6 persons  $46,020
 7 persons  $49,200
 8 persons  $52,380

If your household income is at or below the limit listed for your family size, then you are income-eligible.  This means that you can apply to rent a home. If your household income is above our limits, we encourage you to check out our homeownership options.

Q:  How much income do I need to qualify in order to rent a CLT home?

A:  Your income must be high enough to pay your rent and to pay for all of your other expenses.  Most housing experts say that you should spend no more than one third of your income for your total monthly housing payment, which includes:

  • Your rent
  • Your heat and electricity bills
  • Your trash, water, and sewer bill (at Davis Park View – the first CLT rental homes in Davis Park – trash, water, and sewer will be included in your rent – there is no separate bill for these)

Q:  What are the rent prices?
A:  Rental home prices are listed below. Rent is a flat fee regardless of income.
2 bedrooms; Quad: $600/month; Townhome: $625/month
3 bedrooms; $750/month
4 bedrooms; $850/month

Rent includes water, sewer, and trash.  Residents will be responsible for electric.

Q: Which Fayette County Public Schools do children who live in Davis Park attend?
A:  The new changes to the school enrollment plan will not affect Davis Park.
        Elementary: Harrison Elementary
        Middle: Lexington Traditional Middle School
        High: Lafayette High School

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