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Lexington Community Land Trust Annual Report 2016
Learn about our organization and what we accomplished in 2015-2016. You can also review an audited statement of financial position for the Fiscal Year. Click below to see Audit in full screen.

The Davis Bottom History Preservation Project
Learn about the history of the Davis Bottom neighborhood - the neighborhood where Lexington Community Land Trust working to foster a strong, permanently affordable community.

The City-CLT Partnership (Policy Focus Report)
Based on a review of three dozen municipal programs and in-depth interviews with local officials and CLT practitioners, this report describes the mechanisms and methods that cities across the country are using to structure their investment in CLT start-ups, projects, and operations. 

Balancing Affordability and Opportunity: An Evaluation of Affordable Homeownership Programs with Long-term Affordability Controls

Shared equity initiatives provide homeownership opportunities to income-eligible families who buy homes at below-market prices; the appreciation that can be earned by re-sellers is limited to preserve the homes' affordability at resale. This report analyzes affordability, personal wealth, security of tenure, and mobility outcomes for seven shared equity programs across the country. Home buyers earned competitive returns, but homes remained affordable to lower income buyers over time. Homeownership under these programs was sustainable: there were very low delinquency and foreclosure rates and many families who sold their homes were able to use their sales' proceeds to purchase market-rate homes.

Published by the Urban Institute
Authors:  Kenneth Temkin, Brett Theodos, David Price
Publication Date:  October 26, 2010

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Homes and Hands - Community Land Trusts in Action 

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