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           Executive Director Job Description              8/13/2018


Job Title:      Executive Director

Reports to: Board of Directors


About the organization

Mission: Building a community; creating permanent affordability. 

Vision: Quality-built, energy efficient, permanently affordable homes in a vibrant urban community.


Lexington Community Land Trust (LCLT) builds quality, energy-efficient ownership and rental homes on community-held land.  LCLT was conceived by the Newtown Pike Extension Project, a Federal/State/City roadway project impacting an historic, low-income neighborhood in answer to the question: how will neighbors continue to afford their replacement homes as property values rise around them? 

Davis Park is LCLT’s inaugural, 26-acre neighborhood, where it is developing over one hundred permanently affordable homes – both ownership and rental.  Davis Park will also include a mixed-use area, a community building, grocery store and a seven-acre city park.  Fourteen rental and ten of sixteen single-family homes are completed to date.


LCLT will continue to build and acquire/rehab homes beyond this neighborhood, in Lexington and Fayette County, as it grows toward sustainability.


Position Description

Scope: This individual will create strategic partnerships for the LCLT’s inaugural neighborhood, which, at completion, includes over one hundred permanently affordable homes, a mixed-use area, CLT building, and more; will develop scattered site infill homes, and grow the organization toward sustainability. The Executive Director directs the operation for the LCLT, consistent with the overall mission and values set forth by the LCLT Board of Directors; promotes and operates under the guidance of the LCLT nonprofit, corporate bylaws and articles of incorporation; enthusiastically and proactively supports the LCLT philosophy, vision, and mission and has the desire and passion to support proactively the people and lands LCLT serves; excels in interpersonal skills as they relate to people of all walks of life; promotes and cultivates relationships and collaboration with other not-for-profit organizations, businesses, religious, political, and all-income communities while demonstrating professionalism, integrity, compassion and sensitivity to all.


Professional Qualifications:

·         Bachelor’s degree or graduate degree

·         Experience in Community Land Trust administration and professional management preferred.

·         Fund-raising and grant management experience.

·         Familiarity with (and, preferably experience in) planning, housing, and community development (knowledge of quality energy-efficient house construction is a plus).  Experience in commercial or mixed-use development and development partnerships is a plus.

·         Experience in real estate development and finance, most preferable in a community land trust or other shared-equity environment.

·         Experience in marketing, public relations and community education.  Skill in working effectively within partnerships with governmental officials.

·         Ability to speak publicly and communicate clearly the mission and purpose of LCLT to the clientele that LCLT serves and to community stakeholders and collaborative partners.

·         Experience building grassroots community support and consensus among a variety of stakeholders such as Board and committee members, landowners, community leaders, government officials, consultants, and other stakeholders.


Responsibilities and Duties:

Responsibilities of the Executive Director of the Lexington Community Land Trust will include:


Board development

Assist board of directors in strategic planning and coordinate implementation of organizational goals, policies, and initiatives developed by the board of directors. Assist board committees in carrying out their objectives. Assist board of directors in building membership and in recruiting nominations for qualified individuals, as needed, to fill vacancies on the board. Coordinate orientation and training for new board members and volunteers.


Community and public relations, marketing and advocacy

Assist in the development and manage all aspects of LCLT’s public relations, advocacy, and marketing strategies representative of LCLT to area businesses, nonprofit organizations, faith-based organizations, foundations, and community-minded and/or civic leaders; build, cultivate and nurture alliances with strategically aligned and/or like-minded organizations; cultivate relationships with education and outreach committee members to establish fundraising strategies.


Construction/development management

Oversee site selection, land development, and construction management activities of LCLT, working in unison with development committee members, (and for the Southend Park Urban Village development, with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and Lexington/Fayette Urban County government) and developers to acquire and/or construct/rehabilitate energy-efficient housing, while ensuring the monitoring and reporting of timely and cost-effective completion through project management best practices.


Homeowner Services

Provide direction and supervision of the Homeownership Program Director, assuring detailed, accurate and thorough education and assistance is provided to all prospective homebuyers and that income certifications for qualification for purchase is performed accurately and consistently. Oversee purchase and sale closings, land lease documents, and monitoring of resale formulas.  Monitor purchase prices and resale formula modeling.  Work with PVA and deliver annual resale value spreadsheets for assessments.  Coordinate and lead quarterly Tenant Advisory Board meetings with partner rental property organizations.  Educate mortgage lenders, appraisers, and builders new to the CLT model. Assure that consistent and appropriate monitoring of lease compliance is conducted for all lessees and renters and that quality post-purchase services and assistance are provided to all residents living on land owned by LCLT.


Financial management and grant management

Develop, implement, and manage annual budgets and LCLT financial policies; incorporate sound fiscal planning to ensure long-term viability through prudent financial management; authorize and manage expenditures within budget; advise and project to the financial committee and board future needs and/or possible budget constraints. Insure annual audit standards are exceeded and costs are kept to a minimum by practicing excellent accounting methodology, records, and preparation techniques.



Work with education and outreach committee members to establish fundraising goals and strategies to achieve these goals. Coordinate strategies and initiatives to raise funding needed to support established operating budget goals and subsidy amounts require to make housing affordable to LCLT’s target clientele.     Assist in identifying, implementing  and  nurturing multiple granting sources while retaining major donors through proactive positive communications and direct staff/board involvement.


Administration and committee management

Review reports from staff and committee chairs and provide regular monthly reports to the board; monitor and manage the possibility of expanded services or opportunities within the scope of LCLT operations; assure maintenance of adequate systems for keeping and maintaining privacy of records; supervise and manage key staff with the assistance of key volunteers and/or operating committees; hold committees accountable to their mission and role.


Personnel management and board support

Hire, train, mentor, coach, supervise, and annually evaluate staff performance; assure compliance with workmen’s compensation, insurance,  employment and equal opportunity laws; stay in full compliance with required policies and procedures while keeping the executive committee and board fully informed of operational and committee initiatives; serve as a communications link between these entities and ensure board and personnel faithfully carry out LCLT policies, goals, and objectives.


Time commitment

Forty + hours per week –  must  be  available  for  evening  and  weekend meetings and events, as required.

How to Apply:

Qualified applicants should send a detailed cover letter, resume, and at least three references via email to info@lexingtonclt.org.  Please include Executive Director in the subject line of your email.

Lexington Community Land Trust is an

Equal Opportunity Employer

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