Homes to Rent

If you are interested in applying, please call our property management company, AU Associates, at 859.268.0019 or TTY 711.
Davis Park View has a total of 14 rental homes (One 4BR, One 3BR, Twelve 2BR).

Rent is a flat rent and is not calculated based on your income, unless you have a Housing Choice Voucher or other Tenant Based Rental Voucher.
*Rent includes water, sewer, garbage; Resident is responsible for electric bill.
The Quad
863 sq.ft.

The Cottage

1,367 sq. ft.

The Townhomes

 1,098/1,169 sq. ft.
The Bungalow

1,440 sq. ft.

†These units may increase in rent up to $10 annually.
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